Air-Conditioning Systems
Air-Conditioning Systems
We supply and install air conditioning systems for homes, offices, factories, warehouses and buildings.
Ducting & Cladding work
Duct & Grill Works
We undertake all types of ducting and cladding works.
Chilled Water Piping
Chilled Water Piping
We also undertake Chilled Water Pipping works.
AMC for the airconditioning systems
Cladding works
We also provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for air-conditioning systems.

Our Clients

ITP Mediacity
ITP Mediacity, Dubai
SONY, Dubai
Danube Buildmart, Ras Al Khaimah
Dubai Bank
Mirdif Br. Dubai.
Giordano, Dubai
Danube Buildmart,
IBN Battutta Mall, Dubai
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Address: Head Office: P.O.Box :87985, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971-04- 263 6044, Mob:+971 -50/55 -775 3894.
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